CBT Extension I

Targeting Core Beliefs

Unhelpful core beliefs underlie many clinical problems and are a central focus when treating low self-esteem.  Therapists and clients often feel hopeless when it comes to attempting to shift these deeply engrained beliefs. This practical and experiential training provides participants with novel and varied ways of working with unhelpful core beliefs.  Specifically, this training will provide participants with:

  • An understanding of core beliefs, their development and role in maintaining clinical problems and low self-esteem;
  • Methods for eliciting and formulating the unhelpful core beliefs that are central to a client’s presenting problem;
  • An understanding of the strategic approach taken in CBT when addressing unhelpful core beliefs, and an appreciation of how basic CBT strategies can implicitly impact unhelpful core beliefs; and
  • Demonstration and practice of various options for more explicitly addressing unhelpful core beliefs, including cognitive detachment strategies, positive data logs, imagery rescripting, constructing new core beliefs via positive imagery, and opposite action planning.


Copies of slides plus client worksheets and psychoeducational materials are provided as part of this training.

This training meets AHPRA continuing professional development guidelines and can be presented as an introductory 1-day training (representing 6 CPD hours), or a more comprehensive 2-day training (representing 12 CPD hours).


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