CBT Extension IV

Imagery Rescripting for Trauma & Other Negative Life Events

Many clients that present for psychological treatment, will have experienced some form of trauma or other negative events in their life. These events might be a key aspect of the client’s presenting problem or a background source of their presenting issues. Such negative past events are often not fully processed, and unhelpful meanings and distressing feelings are often attached to these events, such that clients have great difficulty laying these past events to rest.  Imagery rescripting has been shown to be an effective intervention in this regard, allowing client’s to emotionally process these past events, develop more helpful perspectives and feelings toward these events, and as such put them in their appropriate context – as a bad thing that is firmly in the past, and does not have to colour and taint life today.  This practical and experiential 1-day training provides participants with:

  • A detailed understanding of the rational and evidence for imagery rescripting;
  • Ways to socialise clients to using imagery rescripting;
  • Familiarity with various approaches and nuances to effective imagery rescripting; and
  • Examples, demonstration and practice of using imagery rescripting in CBT.


Copies of slides plus client worksheets and psychoeducational materials are provided as part of this training.
This training meets AHPRA continuing professional development guidelines and represents 6 CPD hours.


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