CBT Fundamentals IV

Simple CBT Tips & Tools

Not all people working in a mental health role will be in a position to fully implement a complete CBT intervention with their clients for various reasons.  However, key elements of CBT will still be a very valuable addition to the professionals ‘toolbox’, helping them guide their clients to improve how they think, feel and act in daily life. This practical 1-day training will introduce participants to some simple CBT strategies that can be helpful to clients and taught in a relatively short time.  Specifically, this training will provide participants with:

  • Awareness and practice at ‘catching’ the connections between how we think, feel and behave;
  • Key CBT strategies for promoting more helpful ways of thinking and behaving; and
  • Simple, quick and effective methods for socialising clients to these new strategies.


Copies of slides plus client worksheets and psychoeducational materials are provided as part of this training.

This training meets AHPRA continuing professional development guidelines and represents 6 CPD hours.


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