General Public

People who undertake CBT to treat a significant mental health problem often report that everyone should learn these skills and that they wished they had learnt them earlier.  We grow up learning a lot about our physical health and how our body works, but less attention is paid to understanding our mental health and how our mind and emotions work.

People don’t need to be mentally unwell to benefit from CBT.  Whilst CBT is an established treatment for depression and anxiety, it also promotes skills for living a good life.  CBT helps people to understand the connection between their thoughts, feelings, behaviours and even physical body sensations.  It teaches people how to think and behave in more helpful ways to better manage their emotions and lead a more fulfilling life.  CBT shouldn’t only be used when someone is unwell, but can be learnt at any age to enhance wellbeing, build resilience and possibly prevent mental health problems.


The following topics can be made available through CBTs WA to the general public.


Mental Health 101: Understand and improve how I think, feel and act


Stress Less: Skills to overcome worry


Boost my Mood: Skills to prevent depression


If you are an organisation interested in hosting one of these workshops as a community event for the general public, please email to register your interest.


Note. Please be aware that these workshops are intended as a practical educational session to improve well-being, maintain good mental health, and possibly prevent mental health problems.  It is not intended to be a group therapy for significant psychological issues.  If you are struggling with significant mental health problems and need to see a professional, please contact your GP for referral to appropriate psychological services for treatment.