Health Professionals

Many health professionals (e.g., GPs, physiotherapists, chiropractors, dieticians, speech pathologists, etc), whilst not specifically working in mental health, notice that mental health issues such as depression and anxiety often impact the work they do with their clientele.  Poor mental health can contribute to or exacerbate physical health conditions, and can interfere with a client’s physical health treatment.

Health professionals are also uniquely placed, as typically being the first professionals that people with mental health problems turn to, long before seeing a mental health professional.  As such, health professionals are in a good position to steer clients in a helpful direction towards addressing mental health problems early and effectively.

Clients with mental health problems that meet clinical and diagnostic levels, should obviously be referred to an appropriately trained mental health professional for formal treatment.  However, clients presenting with milder mental health concerns may benefit from brief CBT skills and strategies, that health professionals can be trained to provide within limited time constraints.

CBTs WA is available to consult with health organisations regarding the CBT ‘tools and tips’ that might be most applicable to their work as health professionals.  Depending on what is required, CBTs WA can then provide a tailored training.  The duration of the training offered can also be tailored (half-day, 1-day or 2-day).


Health organisations interested in hosting a training by CBTs WA for health professionals, please email to register your interest.