Contemporary CBT Series

CBT (cognitive-behaviour therapy) should be a collaborative and creative process between therapist and client, where we help our clients become curious about any unhelpful cognitive or behaviour patterns that might be creating or prolonging their emotional suffering.  Once these are identified, we then further assist our clients to experiment with new cognitive and behaviour strategies, to discover their emotional impact.

Some of the cognitive and behaviour strategies that clients can implement might be traditional CBT methods like thought records, behavioural activation, or graded exposure via behavioural experiments.  However, there are other contemporary CBT practices that can also be very useful, such as using imagery-based strategies to enhance the emotional impact of therapy; integrating acceptance and mindfulness strategies within CBT; and introducing metacognitive therapy approaches to help our clients overcome repetitive unhelpful thinking styles.

These days CBT is not one thing. It is not just thought records plus positive behaviour change, although these methods are still of great value and should not be underestimated.  CBT is a rich, varied and broad therapy.  This series of three 1-day workshops, is designed to reflect recent innovations and the contemporary practice of CBT. Click on each workshop for more information…

Workshop I: Imagery-Enhanced CBT

Workshop II: Integrating Acceptance & Mindfulness in CBT

Workshop III: Expanding CBT with Metacognitive Approaches

The three workshops in this series are stand-alone workshops, and participants can choose to attend any one or all the workshops in the series.


This series will next be hosted by CBTs WA in Perth, Western Australia on: TBC


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