Imagery-Enhanced CBT


There is extensive research showing that imagery has a greater impact on emotion than verbal modes of processing.  In other words, thinking in mental pictures elicits a bigger emotional reaction than thinking in words.  With this in mind, imagery can therefore be used to enhance CBT in various ways.  In this practical and experiential workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Socialise clients to working with imagery in therapy;
  • Incorporate imagery into thought record work, to make this intervention more emotionally powerful;
  • Engage clients in imagery rescripting, as an effective method for bringing more functional meaning to past negative events; and
  • Use positive imagery in the construction of new core beliefs.


Copies of slides plus client worksheets and psychoeducational materials will be provided.

This training meets AHPRA continuing professional development guidelines and represents 7 CPD hours.

This is an intermediate level training. Having already completed some basic CBT training or study will help you get the most out of the training.


This training will next be held  in Perth, Western Australia on: TBC


Alternatively, CONTACT US NOW  to book this as a private training for your organisation.



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